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KLEX is an independent, artist-run grassroots international festival of experimental film, video art and music founded in Malaysia in 2010 by a cross-disciplinary group of artists. With an independent spirit and enthusiasm, KLEX aims to serve as a platform to introduce contemporary experimental cinema and music from the region and worldwide to the Malaysian audience, as well as to introduce works from South East Asia to other parts of the world, to cultivate understanding, learning, friendship and exchange among local, regional and international experimental art communities. Visit us on Facebook.

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  • congratulations

    Congratulations KLEX 2016 Selected Artists!

    Dear friends of KLEX, our curatorial team had finally gone through a total of 250 submissions from around the world, and came out with 39 videos that we are excited to share with you in KLEX 2016! Aside from Malaysian submissions, we received works from Austria, Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Japan, Iceland, Indonesia, Italy, Iran, Mexico, Philippines, Romania, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, UK, USA, Viet Nam and more. A very big thank you to all submitting artists, we really enjoy checking out your works and thanks for supporting our little festival in Kuala Lumpur!

    Congratulations to the selected artists of KLEX 2016!

    Untitled 15, Matt Abbiss, UK, 1:48
    Fluid Bodies (Fall, Human Testbrix, Pulleys, Twister), Jeffu Warmouth, USA, 3:00
    All Rot, Max Hattler, UK/Germany/Hong Kong, 4:00
    April 21, Jessica Poon, Hong Kong/USA, 4:00
    Oracle of A Found Shoe, Isabella Gresser, Germany, 4:20
    Eiland, Kuesti Fraun, Germany, 3:00
    Collision, Andrew Stiff, UK/Viet Nam, 6:00
    Oloc Boloc, Shon Kim, South Korea/USA, 8:30
    A Dance With Cthulhu, Jason Chin, Malaysia, 3:56
    Night Without Light, Safwan Salleh, Malaysia, 4:22
    Go Away Sorrow of the World, Robbert & Frank Frank & Robbert, Belgium, 14:11
    Movements Arising from Different Relationships, Masahiro Tsutani, Japan, 8:00

    Untitled 014, Matt Abbiss, UK, 1:10
    Poem, Dan Browne, Canada, 3:45
    The First Ant to Come Out, Stefano Schirru, Italy, 3:00
    The Shoe Thief (Pencuri Sepatu), Ade Nuriadin, Indonesia, 7:55
    Champ Des Possibles, Cristina Picchi, Canada/Sweden/Italy, 14:00
    Class, Reza Golchin, Iran, 1:49
    Behind The Schoolbag, Ho Chun-Yu Nic, Hong Kong, 9:26
    Body Contact, Idzwan Arzmi, Malaysia, 2:35

    Dancing Eye, Eric Lee Ka Yin, Hong Kong, 6:00
    Sounds In the Moon, Hyeran Kim, South Korea, 3:11
    The Pursuit, Fadhlin Sakina, Malaysia, 10:00
    2Rabbits, Kristina Frank & Mervi Kekarainen, Sweden, 9:18
    Ang Tatlong Engkanto [The Three Enchantment], Jon Lazam, Philippines, 12:20

    Untitled 016, Matt Abbiss, UK, 00:58
    Into the Light: Film Resistance, Madi Piller, Canada, 3:42
    TRiplete PL·stico, Ignacio Tamarit, Argentina, 1:36
    Snags in Palladio, Michele Manzini, Italy, 6:20
    Sins Senses Saints, Hiyas Baldemor Bagabaldo, Philippines, 3:41
    Sophie’s Story, Christos & Alex Hatjoullis, UK, 8:00
    The Three Spirits, Olga Guse, Germany, 6:00
    Coronación, Flakorojas, Venezuela/Belgium, 1:58
    (?)’s Gaze, Chloe Yap Mun Ee, Malaysia, 4:48
    Pains of Forever, Umi Ishihara, Japan, 8:00
    Things That I have Seen, Trinh Ngoc Hai, Viet Nam, 8:20
    Monologue Nonsense, Sim Hoi Ling, Malaysia, 6:58
    Life rhythm in My Family, Rina Kobayashi, Japan, 4:31
    Fashion, Loong Wah, Malaysia, 13:48

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“KLEX 2015: PULSE, 25-29th November 2015”

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