KLEX Open Programme I:  “APERTURE”


Spectrum optical disorder (2012)   2:59 min
Dulce Gonçalves, Portugal

There are places that seem to be just built to spread uncanny stories about them. This is one of those places. Here no one really knows where reality stops and fiction begins.
Some people tried to study this unusual phenomena around this place. Strange sightings, radiowaves abnormalities, unusual life forms and space-time distortions.
Local authorities always denied any of this facts. Local media broadcasted continuously information data about these illusions, these collective allucinations, as they named it.
They attributed these illusions to something they called the Spectrum Optical Disorder…

Pain So Light That Appears As Tickle
(2010)   4:04 min
Dalibor Baric, Croatia

Pain is slowed down in slow motion up to the sensitivity threshold and is sold as an everyday anesthetic. We browse through ready-made catalogues of horror, instructions for use, we order attractive ideas-images; we wish to leave our bodies and become that image for a change. Watching a film, we forget about ourselves pretending not to be interested in the content; in fact, we are interested in the hypnotising, pulsating light, which is when we discover our magical and tribal conscience and repressed fear of life.


Home Sweet Home (2012)   2:39 min
Phoebe Man, Hong Kong

Video “Home Sweet Home” is about deframing our lives and responded to the issue of Hong Kong’s housing problem. Phoebe mixed some real estate promotional videos, photos reflecting the real living environment in Hong Kong as well as *scintillating grid illusion in the work to highlight the illusion created by real estate T V commercials. The images are like cages at the same time. Many people walk into these traps voluntarily. The video reflects the reality and also questions if there are other choices in life.
*The scintillating grid illusion is a classic optical illusion. When you look at it, for a while, you can see dark dots that seem to be jumping around at random intersections.


Closed Circuit (2011)   3:01 min
Mattias Harenstam, Germany

The video shows a quiet residential street somewhere in Sweden. The camera travels down the street, into a large pothole, is been “swallowed” by a huge chewing mouth and turns up on the same street again. The camera goes down the street again, down the same pothole that this time leads to a giant intestine, which “we” are passed through until we are back on the street from the beginning and the loop starts over.


The Hunter (2012)   1:00 min
Carlos Llavata, Spain

An oniric communicative and anti-boring performance that wishes to highlight one of the main conceptual paranoia nowadays: the rabbit world and its possibilities in our XXI century, its imaginary world endangered and its potential in this XXI century: magic, sex, cartoons, rabbit’s foot key ring, or just the basic ingredient in Valencia’s paella. My efforts in the project intend to deduce, envision and if possible neutralize that pornographic advance and preserve that conceptual multivision of the so wonderful “rabbit’s world” to which we have so much to recognize, and investigate the interrelationship among its various potential aspects.


Phone Call from Cairo (2012)   4:55 min
Yiotis Vrantzas, Greece

“Phone Call from Cairo” is made by material shot in Cairo one year before the Tahrir rebellion using a small photo camera. Although the situation in Egypt did not seem to be good, my friend used to believe that the Egyptian people was far from revolting. After two years I had to make this phone call to my friend and face the challenge to compose my pictures from Cairo.


Within Within (2011)   3:29 min
Sharon Liu Sum Yu , Hong Kong

There are many things we cannot choose in life, no one can choose their parents.  You have to learn to love them before knowing them.


Clouds and Perception (2012)   13:26 min
Darrin Martin, USA

An educational film of a similar name is built into a new context through the process of a descriptive act.  Participants of varying abilities and imaginations attempt to define the physicality of the celluloid film through a range of descriptors.  Their performative actions are keyed into the film itself as the descriptions fall in and out of sync.  In an age where most of our moving images are transcribed onto digital mediums that abstract the indexical relationship of the filmed subject, Clouds and Perception attempts to redefine a body’s relationship with the moving image through the lens of subjective responses.


Erratic (2012)   2:10min
Mafa, Malaysia

Erratic is about emotion. Imbalance emotion that you yourself couldn’t describe what it is. It involves everyday life, the way we think, the way we do things and the way we interpret things. Making life mysteriously interesting. Solving problems and finding out mysterious things, just to explore something fresh and new everyday. It is like staying in a circle that you never even notice or realize what it would have at every inch of its curve.


Lyrebird Soup (2010)    5:53 min
Naren Wilks, England

During a visit to a tailor, a man is left alone with a large mirror. Whilst on his own, the mirror starts to play cruel tricks on him, in this take on a classic sketch by the Marx brothers.


Irma (2010)   12:00 min
Charles Fairbanks, USA

Irma is an intimate musical portrait of Irma Gonzalez, the former world champion of women’s professional wrestling. Filmed in Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl – a notorious district of Mexico City – Irma contradicts everything we have come to expect from stories reported from Mexico. Featuring music written and performed by Ms. Gonzalez, Irma’s story surges with love and deceit, masculine strength, feminine charms, and an extraordinary sense of humor.“A portrait built like a Russian matryoshka: surprise after surprise, revelation after revelation.” – Carlos Ramos / IndieLisboa –


KLEX Open Programme II: “SYNTAX”

Nogomet / Football (2011)   14.45 min
Ana Husman, Croatia

Mexico City. Two squads. Us and them. Playing 51st  minute. 1:0


Hanger (2012)   12.30 min
Charlotte Lim, Malaysia

A woman who is in love, believes that after she dies, she will exist in this universe, in another form of being. The relation between a beautiful object and human is imagination.


Camp (2012)   7:15 min
Peter Freund, USA

Two narrators, one speaking Mandarin and the other Arabic, mix original commentary with venerated statements on the political and theatrical senses of the word “camp.” Without diminishing the horror of the Holocaust, the film points to unexpected convergences between the figure of the concentration camp and campy aesthetics. The piece suggests the role of fantasy in traumatic historical memory and the ethical root of flamboyant enjoyment.

Visual Element
(2012)   29:58 min
Wuttin Chansataboot , Thailand

“Visual Element” is a surreal shortfilm portraying an ironic reflection of individuals’ identity loss in materialistic society.

The film depicts a story of Chin, an artist who works for Mr.A, an art dealer. The painter has a weird hobby. He has been trying to assemble a full body of human
from burnt organs that he has gathered from different places. With a white head he has just collected, his goal is eventually achieved. The body then become alive as a grayscale figure of a man.


KLEX Open Programme III:  “STUTTER”

Kinefaktura (2012)   3:15min
Marcin Gizycici, Poland

Three animated variations on Henryk Berlewi’s ‘Mechanofaktura. Dynamic Contrasts’ of 1924 based on some hints given by the artist himself. Berlewi was a Polish constructivist who invented his own kind of geometrical abstract art in the 1920s and called it ‘Mechanofaktura.’
Shift (2012)   3:00 min
Max Hattler, UK

“…an attempt to visualise higher dimensions and unearthliness, taking into account these concepts’ heightened awareness when attempting to process or predict the end of the world…”


Invisible (2012)   5:55 min
Wong Eng Leong, Malaysia

The work utilizes video as a medium to capture a moment and seeks to unravel what is hidden in the details of the familiar by separating the moment from the continuum of time and deciphering the captured imagery; a contemplation of the projected emotions and mentality through digital media.


Chant Silencieux (Silent Song) (2011)   5:38 min
Agnes Quillet, France

“I don’t like to look out of the windows even–there are so many of those creeping women, and they creep so fast.
I wonder if they all come out of that wall-paper as I did?
[…] I suppose I shall have to get back behind the pattern when it comes night, and that is hard! It is so pleasant to be out in this great room and creep around as I please!” – Charlotte Perkins Gilman, The Yellow Wallpaper.

Training Doors (2011)   5:53 min
Jean Micheal Rolland, France

Experimentation on a few different sounds generated by doors, put in relation with the passage of a train. All along the video, the more and more altered sounds respond to the chromatic degradation of the train. Even if the viewer can experience things differently, because of the particular treatment of time and color, the choice of the doors / train duality has no metaphoric origin. It’s just a way to create a new reality out of commonplace moments of everyday life.

Square Dance Hypnotist
(2011)   17:10 min
Allan Brown, Canada

A community square dance is performed in a perpetually changing loop that repeatedly revolves upon itself while the audio swings from train station announcements to a tragic tale of despair between a fugitive in a stolen police car and a police dispatcher. A film that oscillates between the isolation of outlaw individualism and the search for the self within community.

(2012)   1:45 min
Caroline Koebel, USA

MANUSCRIPT adventures into a forgotten architectural space and through inventive image and sound juxtapositions encourages highly subjective readings.

My Old Man Pistol
(2009)   2:32 min
Mauricio Sanhueza, Peru

Throughout the centuries dreams have been to many cultures around the world the images that speak of the future. This particular one is based on the myth of the Doppelganger in which the hero is pursued by his doubles and at the same time they try to take possession of his mind and body.

Live Free Or Die Hard
(Project 12, 8/12) (2011)   1:12 min
Diran Lyons, USA

The video features a series of crafted statements inspired by political commentaries at www.democraticunderground.com during July and August 2011. Instead of various presidents combining to make an overall commentary (as was the case in the 2007 theatrical release of Live Free or Die Hard), Barack Obama is the sole speaker of the remix this time.

(2012)   3:15 min
Alexei Dmitriev, Russia

This piece is a visual illustration of what hermeneutics is. With the cunning use of WWII footage it makes you believe that you are watching a proper war film. When you already expect the usual archive movie routine — everything changes. And you find yourself watching a completely different film.

The First Rain (2012)
8:15 min
Koji Tambata, Japan/Thailand

This work is coming after my video project ‘Music Works’ and ‘Pre-Music Consciousness’ and is much more personal in a certain sense. One of intentions is juxtaposing images to get organic movements and reach the final result with process of it. Fragments taken from everyday life is going to reach some kind of reality eventually. In this time living in Thailand is one of influential aspects and the title, The First Rain is named by being witness of crucial moment of something. And here will be coming beautiful raining season after beautiful long dry season…


KLEX Open Programme IV:  “AFTER IMAGE”

Sunday Morning Project (2010)   1:00 min
Jun’ichiro ISHII, CzechRepublic

The video “sunday morning project” is an archive of my outdoor installation realized at Bretagne, France 2010. And this 1min version is re-edited in 2012. The video starts from unstable, shaking image without any explanation. The process image continues almost whole footage. You will find an image just few seconds at the last. Through this video work I have attempted to represent same impression of “the” symbol.


Silent of Two Sound (2011)   14:30 min
Rita Figueiredo, Czech Republic

A secret story is stored in a reel tape, which is unfolded by a mother to her child, inside an organic house which commands the characters. Two babies sleep while hearing the story; however, their world of dreams casts other mysteries deeper than those of our own.


Beauty Evaporates (2011)   4:00 min
June Kyu Park, USA

Beauties are found in burning and melting.
The sympathy and the respect for the analogue medium, the ritual for the farewell.


Toyokoro (2012)   14:00 min
Maki Satake, Japan

Toyokoro is my hometown. My parents’ house moved out from Toyokoro. That is why I made this work to keep our memory. I packed the time that I spent in Toyokoro, the memory of my family and my past works.


1 Black Malaysia (2012)   5:30 min
Liew Teck Leong, Malaysia

The work “One Black Malaysia #001” is the fruit of my explorations of political issues for many years, exploring political themes such as “decree”, “violence”, “corruption”, “hegemony”, “democracy”, “justice and impartiality” and other concepts. This work has three stages, including performance art, photography and new media exhibition.

Di Bawah Bintang Megertip
(2010)   3:00 min
Kamal Sabran, Malaysia

Di Bawah Bintang Mengerdip is a collaboration project between the musical ensemble Space Gambus Experiment with A. Samad Said, a national poet Laurette. The inspiration for this poem (as titled) was derived from unfortunate living stories that Mr. Said heard from some dancer friends. He was deeply touched by their stories and wrote this poem in 1960. The recital of the poem was recorded live featuring voice by the poet.

Memory and Ritual in Frame Difference
(2012)   8.39 min
Jason Bernagozi, USA

During my residency with KLEX last January, I was struck by the contrast between my own life and the lives of the people around me during my visit to the famed “Batu Caves”. Yet I was not alone, there were other outsiders with me, we were witnesses to customs and religious practices far from our own. As outsiders, we shared our own ritual: recording our experiences as a way to reflect. By using a process that limits the image to the difference between the frames, this coming together of memory and ritual through difference searches for the significant moments of shared experience.


Zugvogel (2010) 4:13 min
Andreas Mares, Linz/ Austria

a bird crashes against my window pane. This event is the mirror of my own inner journey. where do I stand? wherever I go? how much time remains? …


Snail Trail (2012) 3:00 min
Philipp Artus, Germany

Pain is slowed down in slow motion up to the sensitivity threshold and is sold as an everyday anesthetic. We browse through ready-made catalogues of horror, instructions for use, we order attractive ideas-images; we wish to leave our bodies and become that image for a change. Watching a film, we forget about ourselves pretending not to be interested in the content; in fact, we are interested in the hypnotising, pulsating light, which is when we discover our magical and tribal conscience and repressed fear of life.


Winter Time Adventure (2012)   3:25 min
Robbert & Frank, Belgium

Drawing during winter time, exploration of paper and vocal stories. Playing. Intervention of the small and the big. Collaborating together and creating a harmony with an unexpected small visitor.

Faithfully Young (2012)
4:11 min
Alison Khor, Malaysia

Youth blossoming like flowers. Time faded like flowers. Birth is one step nearer to death. The beauty of body is because we’re nearer to disappearance. This is a documentation of youth, revealing the brutality of beauty. We meet with the body, and bid farewell to youth in light.



An untold story, like a meaningless physique. Oppressed in a city frame, amongst personal spaces that don’t exist. I am a corpse, just like you, him, her, and them. I am here, just like the others. Re-questioning daily life of a city is reconstructing visual frame. At the very least, recording and editing the visual is to recognize the signs behind visual’s natural tendency. There’s also the power of value, even institution. Returning visual’s disposition as an ambiguity is an effort to build the second spirituality of visual as “the truth” or  “the lie”. From here, the true experience can be something thicker than knowledge, after in the name of modern term’s efficiency turned out to be untouchable.