2013 KLEX Open Programmes: Metamorphosis



Ancient myths predicted a closure of some sort to our human stories at a point in time not too long ago. We know only so much. Nature is beyond our imaginations. Who knows what will happen tomorrow? And is there a tomorrow?

Some have decided to wind down, stay still for a while, be quiet, and watch. A seemingly static state of observation with intense concentration actually generates massive energy internally. The mixture of excitement, anxiety, joy, fear, desire, and despair – all merge into one another like boiling water. Reality formed, deformed and reformed, overturned itself. Reality appears in a flash while hallucination keeps knocking on the door. The agitated heart yearns for the good old days, and at the same time naively anticipates a utopia in the near future. The quiet mind simply watches. To capture with its own eyes, ears, organs and every bit of skins what is to come. To witness the reality and this very act of witnessing.

And then, it happens!

… …

Now, here we are. You and me. All of us.

And this is tomorrow.

It is indeed, a brand new day.


KLEX Open Programme I: OVERTURN

Taxi Runaway (2010) 5:30 min/sound
YOUNG Junk Jack, Taiwan 
I live in a body of a taxi driver
The empty seat I stare is the image i forgot
the taxi will be out of control
and all of my faults got to dance with pink flowers
shining like hell
I live in a body of a taxi diver
happy sad happy sad I can’t understand
I’m not allowed to be free
because there is an answer I’m waiting for
the destination you want me to go
Empty bodies empty days I can understand
I live in a body of a taxi driver
The empty seat I stare is the image I forgot—————–


——————— The Life of a Mosquito (2013) 5:35 min/sound
Noe Kidder, USA
“The Life of a Mosquito” is an impressionistic short film that depicts the life cycle of a mosquito exposed to radiation, shown in a boldly animated dance by Kiyoko Kashiwagi. The film was shot on black and white 16mm film in a dance studio using in-camera editing and effects, and then edited with further color effects using Final Cut Pro and flower imagery captured by Kiyoko Kashiwagi.
——————— K (2012) 3:38 min/sound
Adrián Regnier Chávez, México
King Nicolas is King Nicolas is King Nicolas is King Nicolas.
———————— Backlight (2011) 6:20 min/sound
Przemek Wegrzyn, Poland
Two persons driving a car in the night are becoming prisoners of their own fear. They are overwhelmed with their emotions and increasing sense of inevitable danger. Narrative structure suggestive of classic cinema teeters on the edge of artificiality
———————— Between Regularity and Irregularity (2012) 7:50 min/sound
Masahiro Tsutani, Japan
The filmmaker improvises and through a conversation with himself, he has a chaotic worldview evocative of the firing of nerve cells, clustering sounds of convulsiveness. Finely‐detailed images filled with light that have been synced to sound. Nature creates the glow of light and the beauty of a shape lying between regularity and irregularity. Sounds and images with a granular texture. These things grasp the depths of the brain.
———————— Emergencia (2011) 9:55 min/sound
Yuri Pirondi & Ines von Bonhorst, UK
Emergencia is a performative video inspired by the allegory of Plato’s Cave of where a group prisoners that have lived chained to the wall of a cave all of their lives, facing a blank wall. The prisoners watch shadows projected on the wall by people passing in front of a fire behind them, and begin to ascribe forms to these shadows. They mistake illusions for reality, believe only shadows on the wall. One of the prisoners managed to free himself from the chains, and once out of the cave he had a terrible shock. Socrates narrated the light and new found freedom experienced by the prisoner, his first reaction to reality is pure astonishment, and fear of the unknown.
———————— Pressure 3 (2013) 2:15 min/sound
Rui Wang,China
It has always been a struggle trying to make my way through life. The unforeseeable future, changing environment, financial instability, and precarious relationships I hold seem to plague my mind at all times. The anxiety these issues cause build an emotional pressure inside of me. The video presented is an physical interpretation of this invisible pressure and the release I crave.
———————— The Golden Age (2010) 6:00 min/sound
Tobu Tatum, UK  
The inhabitants of a secluded utopia dedicate themselves to relaxation and artistic pursuits, overshadowed by an ominous melancholy.
———————— Storyteller (2012) 2:19 min/sound
Miji Lee, South Korea/México
Story is consist of memories. Memories are recorded in one’s own way. Thus, story teller is very subjective. Dividing body three parts : Magnified eye which act as head, upper body, and lower body. The memory of each parts are projected with applicable body parts in screen. This piece is viewed in 3 screens and shows different combination every moment. Although it is based on artist’s personal and internal records, it tells a story which looks similar but actually different every time.
——————— i~Muse~a… i~Muse~ik (2012) 6:22 min/sound
Sautel  Cago, France/Taiwan 
This video is an experimental compilation of live drawings with live video processing software. With these animated drawings, I would like to create a kind of narrative, a story, to the viewers.
——————— Gong Xi Fa Cai, Part 2 (2012) 3:31 min/sound
Andrew Stiff, Malaysia 
Part two captures the colours and patterns that form the overall visual infrastructure of Mantin. The beauty of towns such as Mantin lies in its textures and colours. The colours are present in all festivals, including the New Year celebrations. As ‘modernisation’ grips Malaysia, and South east Asia, we are in danger of losing the heart of our towns and cities, as has been seen many times in the West.

Look Inside The Ghost Machine (2012) 4:30 min/sound
Peter Lichter, Hungary
The early avant-garde filmmakers believed that the cinema had the function of a machine, made to generate pure feelings. The main part of this “machine” was the celluloid, which has disappeared nowadays: as with the flickering ghosts of it.

Under the Lion Crotch (2011) 4:39 min/sound
WONG Ping, Hong Kong
I’m sorry we have two national anthems, but we can only hear the one about building a great wall with our flesh and blood. It is always on TV, and you have to listen to it all the time even if you don’t want to. In this city, singing is far more popular than music. We can never escape it, nor can we fight it. We can only reach out our hands from below ground, and put a white chrysanthemum on our grave.

Gwan Gong Vs Alien (2011) 16:00min/sound
LEUNG Chung Man, Hong Kong
Hong Kong people face a catastrophe they have never encountered—The aliens attack! Our Great Government soon sends the State secret weapon “Mech Lei Feng” against the alien invaders. Yet the aliens are too powerful, and Mech Lei Feng fails. At the last minute, the Emperor Gwan returns!


KLEX Open Programme II: INCUBATE

Heritage (2013) 1:53 min/sound
WONG Eng Leong, Malaysia
A cultural heritage, once demolished, can never be rebuilt
———————- We Either Meet in This World… (2012) 14:00 min/sound
Daniel Höpfner & Iris Niedermeyer, Germany 
Forced to leave his old home in Wolkenberg (Klěšnik) because of resettlement, Mr L. finds himself in a small room packed with his belongings. The room is in a building in the middle of a vast industrial zone. Great plumes of smoke obscure the sky. Instead of checking that all of his possessions are there, Mr L. starts to explore his new accommodation and the immediate neighbourhood, step by step.
Cage (2012) 9:44 min/sound
LIM Chee Yong, Malaysia/Taiwan 
To illustrate the trapped condition, there are some pigs have been caged just by two walls and a gate.  Each of us is often trapped in our blind spots, someone is pursuing money, love, and materials in their whole life, but we never really think of what is more important compare to those things. Time flies, when we are old, what would be the outcome if we never change our thought. Maybe I would like those pigs, whose are so eager to be run away from the system of society. Nevertheless, every pent-up emotions need to have a solution.
——————— Panic Room (2011) 6:00 min/sound
IP Yuk Yiu, Hong Kong
Shot over a three-month period, PANIC ROOM documents a small Tokyo apartment before and after the Great East Japan earthquake and the ensuing nuclear outbreak in 2011.  The ordinary apartment, a seemingly uneventful domestic space, suddenly becomes a mirror of both a collapsing physical reality and a shaken personal state, creating an intertwining parallel between the external and the psychological that reflects the panicking times of the great catastrophe.
———————— Demon Kills (2011) 4:56 min/sound
MAK Ying Ping, Hong Kong
A boy confesses why he commits suicide at his school. Troubled by hallucination of demons around him, He decides to stand up to demon and exposes them. Only he has to bear with consequences that come along. Bullied and isolated, the boy becomes more mentally unstable and goes into hiding. Upon discovering more demons lurking in city, he decides to find out where these devils come from and embarks on a journey into far north wilderness.
———————— Save the Whales (2013)1:40 min/Sound
Isabel Fondevila, USA
This short piece explores the relationship between evangelical and environmental salvation mythology through the playful juxtaposition of public domain speech, sound and images.

E-mong (2013) 2:46 min/sound
Hyun Il Cho, South Korea 
Busy, Busy, Busy. Living in different contexts, we are consistently trying to ignore each other. Meanwhile, we have found that we have our emergency exits in our pockets, thus hope to feel the resonance of one’s own there. It even feels like an irony that we live in the same space. What is the sound of absurdity ringing in this situation? There is asynchrony in synchrony.
———————— Spinning Real (2012) 3:58min/sound
Maria Manasterny, Germany
The short film “Spinning Real” fathoms the borders of identity and self-perception. Seemingly real memories are intertwoven with hallucinations, which unfold into an uncanny and nightmarish atmosphere.
———————— The Guise  (2012) 10:04 min/sound
Ines von Bonhorst and Yuri Pirondi, UK
“The Guise” is a multimedia piece inspired by the allegory of Plato’s cave. Socrates describes a group of people who have lived chained to the wall of a cave all of their lives, facing a blank wall. The prisoners watch shadows projected on the wall by people passing in front of a fire behind them, and begin to ascribe forms to these shadows. Such prisoners would mistake appearance for reality, they would think the things they see on the wall (the shadows) were real; they would know nothing of the real causes of the shadows. They born and raised to that life and they are afraid to change. The chains made these human beings bind to themselves and to their lives.

Chorus of Wishes (2012) 3:00 min/sound
YoungJae Oh, South Korea
“Chorus of Wishes” suggests a new field of vision as a modern visual language by focusing on the talismanic signs that went through a long journey from the ancient. The talismanic signs have retained the symbolic richness of the images through thousands of years. In today’s media environment, the formative exploration of the sign will be a creative attempt to express profound, exquisite, and unique images representing unique Korean culture and emotions. These attempts seek ways to combine various media and require continuous research and creative experiments to extend and develop the signs as formative languages.
Tape Loading Error (2012) 2:55 min/sound
Sandra Araújo, Portugal    
Animation exploring the visual culture of video games and the spread of popular gif files. The imagery of Magritteʼs surrealist paintings gives a working platform for modular elements and texture, thus sharing, the action with layers that emulate lo-fi quality and bug / glitch images of early computer machines.

The Age of Anxiety (2013) 14:00 min/sound
Taiki Sakpisit, Thailand
The Age of Anxiety meditates on fin de siècle Thailand. The film deconstructs the hallucinatory film footages of the Thai melodrama of the 80’s into thousands of frantic fragments, like the violent stabs of disturbing memories, perpetual nightmares and reinventing histories, that ascend the viewers into the mind-expanding horizons of a fragile nation on the verge of madness.


KLEX Programme III: GAZE


Female (2013) 3:05 min/sound
TS Kwan, Malaysia  
A “female” was born. She becomes a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, an aunt, a grandmother… She is to perform all these different roles throughout her life. The short video is a metaphor of the metamorphosis of the female roles from childhood until old age in a family. Is old age going towards the end? Or moving forward to another new start?
———————- Green Screen  (2011) 10:00 min/sound
CHEAH Kah Sing, Malaysia   
Actors playing a couple that betrayed each other stage play, film and even real life. But all of it are just illusions and you will realize that “truths” are supported by so many lies behind.
——————— Lotus & Elephant (2013) 4:50 min/sound
POW Lai Xiang, Malaysia 
In film the lotus and elephants, lotus, Live in the silt but not imbrued; Elephants, holy and noble. A couple of mother-son wearing a gas mask in a barren land, it was revealed that the unknown future, fear in uncertainty, where the pure land on earth?
———————— Semalu (2013) 19:40 min/sound
Jimmy Hendrickx, Malaysia & Belgium
Semalu which means Sensitive plant in Malay, is a cinematic portrait of the children of Cheras, a suburb in Kuala Lumpur. A place in the middle of a transition period of modernization. Between a noisy landscape of construction works we see the youngest generation grow up. The ancestors of these children did not grew up here, they moved to Cheras to build a new future. 30 years ago this territory was still jungle and swamp. Far away from the jungle this new urban area will be the kids’ new playground. Here they have to look after themselves and find a spiritualmeaning at a construction site.
———————— Infinity (2013) 5:42 min/sound
Mengshu Zhang, China
The author tries to implies notions of Taoism such as “less is more”, “the great form has no shapes”, “the world was born in all things” and the like, in flashy, rhythmic visual aesthetics.
———————— VED’MA (2012) 14:00 min/sound
Cornelia Eichhorn, France
This is a three-channel installation/ experimental film, telling simultaneously the stories of three women intertwined. They could be the same woman at three different stages of her life, sisters or three generations. The stories are perverted modern-fairy-tale stereotypes of woman without a happy-ending questioning identity, generation and motherhood.
———————— Folding (2013) 3:15 min/sound
Seong-whan Park, South Korea  
How do I survive these complex sets of the world? The thin sheet of paper made by the process of folding and unfolding is the denoted image of a self. Incomplete desires for living are recorded on the surface of the folded paper which tells us the metamorphosis and molting of a human being. Here is the map of showing the whole parts of my life. I would identify the unknown paths in this folded map of life.
Self Portrait  V.3 (2013) 2:10 min/sound
Joo-Mee Paik, South Korea     
The work shows the process that breaks down the portrait of the artist into small particles like pixels and changes it into portraits of others. The persons in the portraits share their particles with others and create images of others from their own images by recomposing the particles. The work was made partially with the computer program that artist coded for her interactive art work and shows unique pictorial expressions.

Was Being Moved (2012) 11:00 min/sound
YE Mimi, Taiwan 
This film is about the state of moving and being moved. When people build a boat to carry themselves; when people start to walk backwards; when gods lead people to step on the Earth… is it possible that everyone becomes someone else’s “far-afar” in the continuous movement?