KLEX 2014 Open Programmes




Do you remember…

… the first word that you uttered?
… the first image of an unforgettable dream?
… the first time you were on the verge of losing faith?
… the first bold decision that you made?
… and your very first beautiful surprise?

From the unknown to the known, from the stillness to the movement, there is a transition from the blank slate to its first impression. There is a singular courageous act that drives us to new experiences. Leaving the comforts of the explained and stepping into the sometimes awkward footing of the experimentation. As we lift our feet and make that first step, a new space appears. We crawl, walk, run, then dance, spin, fly. The first step is innocent, imaginative and full of energy. The movement becomes endless like the flow and rhythm of our breaths. The first time is birth, and the first time is rebirth.

KLEX 2014 OPEN CALL will present three screening programmes, with 36 films/videos from our open call: LEARNING TO FLY, AWE and THE FAMILIAR STRANGE, and two single channeled video installations.