Open Programme I : Doppler In Memoriam

Too Tame! (2017)

Too Tame

07:00 min / Sound

Rebecca Bloecher, Germany

Seven protagonists, stuck inside the box, are trapped in their cliches and their recurring daily routine. Their individuality is only an apparent one, because far too easy their autonomy can be taken away – even if they gamble with life. But show must go on and money is rolling in. Applause!



Stakra (2017)


04:50 min / Sound

Sara Bonaventura w Annamaria Ajmone, Singapore/ United States of America

It’s a mystical and hallucinatory journey of a resilient subject, not yet completely seduced by the machines; entangled in their challenging system, but radiating dynamism while struggling for self determination. Getting lost, falling apart, splitting, vanishing and resetting. Finding balance in between. Soundtrack by Von Tesla. Wobulator powered by Signal Culture.



Blue Cigarette (2017)

Blue Cigarrette

02:00 min / Silent

Ricardo Vieira Lisboa, Portugal

When filming smoke in color, cinematographers must avoid the “blue smoke” phenomenon. “Blue Cigarette”  is a direct cinema experience on 16mm film, it takes the same time of a cigarette burning and is filled with cigarette burns. The strip was tortured, scratched, punctured, erased, colored, and animated: an exploration on the volatility of the film medium.



Los elefantes de Escipión (Scipio’s Elephants) (2018)


06:00 min / Sound

David Pantaleón & Pilar Aldea, Spain

Scipio Africanus, refusing to wrestle with the beasts, reduced them by famine. The only possible way to capture the Numantines.



The Soul Caresser (Nevazende) (2018)

The Soul Caresser

10:00 min / Sound

Abdullah Harun Ilhan, Turkey/ Iran

A blind man wanders around Isfahan bazaars by singing with his only instrument, the comb. “Nevazende” means lover / singer in Persian. However, in Ottoman Turkish, it means “The Soul Caresser”. In the film, the man combines both of them. Even though the audience cannot understand the meaning of the song, they can feel its longings.



XCTRY (2018)


06:18 min / Sound

Bill Brown, United States of America

A pocket-sized travelogue about leaving one hometown and looking for the next one.

In this film, Brown re-works 16mm footage that he shot years ago during a cross-country road trip from Chicago to Las Vegas. The spatial discontinuities of the road trip are rendered as visual continuities across three frames as Brown goes in search of the next town to fall in and out of love with.



Resettlement Memory (2016)

Resettlement Memory

06:37 min / Sound

Lee Kwok-wai, Hong Kong

A spirit overloaded by works because it wants to find a home. Then it jumped on a bus only exists in memory, it staggeringly digs out a forgotten answer. About 1950’s in Hong Kong, there’s a blaze destroyed an entire squatter areas. To accommodate the victims, the British Hong Kong government built some seven-storey resettlement buildings. These buildings had no individual toilet and bathroom, and the two hundred square feet flat accommodates 5 people (or even more) is a norm at that time. These resettlement buildings became resettlement areas for tens of thousands of families. The high living cost becomes a problematic burden to them. Over the years, the Hong Kong people learn to utilize statistics and quantitative calculation on livelihood, income, population and land supplies to strike for a better life.



Plaza Rakyat (2018)

Plaza Rakyat

03:05 min / Sound

Ong Sau Kai, Malaysia

Plaza Rakyat, or the People’s Plaza is a mixed-use skyscraper complex in Kuala Lumpur, the development was put on hold in 1998 due to financial difficulties. Part of the building remains in an unfinished state since then. The short film using 12 photos to destructed and reconstructed the time and space of the view of the abandoned remains.



Loving in the Rain (2018)

Loving in the Rain

03:00 min / sound

Song Yong Hong and Poh Hui Hui, Malaysia

In this simple short video, we just want to express about the refreshing joy with water!



BOOKANIMA: Martial Arts (2018)


12:57 min/ Sound

Shon Kim, South Korea/ United States of America

BOOKANIMA, a compound word of ‘Book’ and ‘Anima’, aims ‘watching book’ in the third scope between Book and Cinema through Locomotion based on chronophotography. It consists of 4 chapters; Martial Arts, Dance, Ball, Games, Leports. Note: BOOKANIMA: Martial Arts is the first chapter to overview the stream and locomotion of Martial Arts: Jeet Kune Do-Tai Chi-Tang Lang Quan-Shaolin Quan-Chinese Kick-Nunchaku-Karate-Judo-Kendo-Gon-Sib Pal Gi-Taekyun-Taekwondo-Boxing-Fencing-Jiu jitsu-Krav Maga-MMA-Sanjo.