KAFE – Korean Association of Film Education


A Quiet Outing


Total Run Time: 64 minutes

KAFE (Korean Association of Film Education) started out quietly. KAFE is a meeting of Korean film professors. They teach movies to students at universities and even make movies themselves. The spirit of experimenting with movies is necessary for both students and professors and this is the reason KAFE connected with KLEX festival for the second time. KAFE members hope to establish friendship and gain new insights into film art and its potential through witnessing the experimental spirit of KLEX. We are teachers but at the same time also ‘students’ in the pursuit of film art.


_0010_ Destruction and Regeneration

Destruction and Regeneration (2017)

Il-Seon Eo, 5:00 min/sound

A contemplation of the artist’s work through the process of dismantling and reconstructing of the artworks.


_0006_Confusion_Gim Min-gyu

Confusion (2017)

Min-Gyu Kim, 5:45 min/sound

A story about three worlds: reality, imagination, mixed, that a man created with a crush on a woman.


_0000_Time In Germany

Time in Germany (2017)

Woo-Jung Han, 63:00 min (5 minute preview version)/sound

The layered layer of split images that create time and space.


_0007_COA and ME

COA and Me (2017)

Hoon Ryoo, 5:00 min/sound

I often take a walk around our village with my puppy, Coa. I wonder what Coa sees and what I see during these walks. With this thought in mind, I set up a camera and attached it to Coa’s and my forehead during the walk…


_0005_From Departure to Change

From Departure To Change (2017)

Seung-Hyeon Jin, 15:00 min/sound

Finding the Lost Me, showing the moments in our daily life.


_0001_The Figure

The Figure (2017)

Jong-Han Choi, Still Image

Image captured from dancing inside a water tank.


Inbetween (2017)

MinYong Jang, 5:00 min/silent

This video is a sketch of Caltrain stations near San Jose. It’s about the atmosphere of isolation and lack of communication between time and space.


_0009_A Lady With A Long Sword_Nakwon Song

A Lady With A Long Sword (2017)

Nak-Won Song, 4:00 min/sound

A lady walks around the forest with a long sword. She stops under a tree. There is half a skull.


_0003_Seeing The Ceiling_SEO Wan-tae2

Seeing The Ceiling #01 (2017)

Won-Tae Seo, 3:38 min/sound

This video explores the usual and unusual ways of seeing with images of the ceilings.



Sorry (2017)

Jin-Wook Kim, 13:00 min/sound

It is a foolish shape that regret of hasty judgement and behavior easily swayed by nearby people.


_0008_Anonymity_Hoon-Kwang Kim

Anonymity (2017)

Hoonkwang Kim, 10 min / sound

Anonymity is the world where we live.  Individually, we can see what we want. We are just anonymous.



KAFE Forum (members only) will take place on 26 November at 7:45pm, where the following papers will be presented:

  1. “The Research of the First Korean Experimental Animation <Korean Alphabet (1967)>” by Jong-Han Choi
  2. “The Reality and Future of Film Education in Korea” by Seung-Hyun Jin 




Curator_Choi Jonghan

CHOI JONGHAN is an Experimental Film Artist and Researcher. He is currently working as a programmer of SEFF KOREA (Student Experimental Film Festival in Korea) as well as Associate professor of Performing Art and Moving Image Dept., Semyung Univ. South Korea. His Works selected and screened by EXiS, Nemaf and more. His main research area is Korean Experimental film and  his academic papers are published by many moving image journal in KOREA.